I believe that, as women, we are
powerful beyond measure.

It’s so easy (and common!) for
women today to get caught up
in the daily grind of life, to the
point that we often lose ourselves.


A woman deserves to be seen and heard, and I’m dedicated to helping her step up, amplify her voice, and be the author of her story. We thrive when we’re part of a community, and every woman should be surrounded by a team that lifts her up and supports her on her journey. I believe that we desire, warrant and desperately crave the space to breathe, eat real food, meditate, and listen to what our bodies need to function at their best.


The world today keeps us trapped in a stressed state of fight or flight - we no longer appreciate the value of slowing down, listening to our bodies and prioritizing self care at the deepest level.

The foundations to good health are good food, proper sleep, mindfulness, movement and community. 

I help women access this.  


We can take charge of every damn day. Regardless of how that looks, when we have our health, we’re able to become the women we’ve always been meant to be.


I’m committed to holding a safe space for you to heal and thrive. I want to help you break through your barriers so you can step into your power and live in grace. I’ll be on your team through the highs and the lows, advising you on how to best care for yourself and live the best version of your life.


I love being a multi-faceted woman; one who cherishes solitude and space just as much as heavy metal concerts! I love connection, community, soul conversations and meals with the people I love. I love listening to records and having impromptu dance parties, Mostly, I love those little moments in life that we miss unless we’re paying attention.


Dr. Lisa Knapper is a Naturopathic Doctor with over 10 years of experience optimizing the health of her patients. She finds the root cause of symptoms and implements a customized treatment plan based on the individual’s physical and emotional needs.


After the birth of her first daughter, Dr. Lisa relocated to Hamilton from Toronto, where she was the owner of an integrated medical clinic. She is now a proud member of the Poppy Clinic in Oakville.


Dr. Lisa runs a popular meditation program in addition to her private practice where she focuses on helping people address stress, anxiety and hormonal issues.


Regardless of where she works, Dr. Lisa is dedicated to providing her patients with the knowledge they need to cultivate and sustain healthy lifestyle habits that last a lifetime. 


Dr. Knapper obtained her pre-medical education at the University of Regina. She then continued her studies at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine where she finished her Naturopathic Medical training. She is licensed through the province of Ontario. She has been interviewed for publications such as Today’s Parent and was most recently featured on Global TV News.


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